European laser Registry (LEAD)

Call for participation in a survey of 3 series for the European laser Registry (LEAD)

Dear Sir/ madam,

On behalf of the LEAD research team, we are pleased to invite you to serve as a panelmember for advisory group of the European Laser Treatment Dermatology (LEAD) registry. We ask you as a panelmember to participate in a series of 3 surveys, as part of an international study using a method called the Delphi process.

Why participating?                                                                                                                                                                                       
With our international collaboration in laser research we are able to incorporate your opinions and of patients and other key stakeholders aiming to develop a standardized set of generic outcomes that could be implemented in an international laser registry. The registry  focuses on patients treated for any medical skin condition with any type of laser.

The results of this study will be an important step towards collecting data on laser treatments for several dermatological diseases. Participants in the surveys include patients, doctors, and other experts involved in laser treatment for a range of dermatological diseases.  Patients and professionals will have an equal say in the study, so your input as a patient is extremely important.

When ?                                                                                                                                                    
The questionnaires will be administered by online survey. We have planned for 3 surveys to be administered between April and June 2019. We hope to publish data by August 2019. Data is anonymous.

We believe that your experience as a participant treatments will benefit the Delphi process.  We therefore would like to ask for your participation in this important initiative, as well as your commitment to completing three rounds of the Delphi. We would be grateful to have your interest and support in this project.

How can I participate?
Please respond with your commitment by email to or before April 15, 2019.
You can read more about the study in the attached information sheet. Please feel free to contact us should you have any comments or questions.

We are grateful for your contribution to advancing research and evidence in laser treatments.

Thank you in advance.
Best regards,

On behalf of the steering committee,

Drs. Frederike Fransen, PhD candidate UMC Amsterdam
Dr. Albert Wolkerstorfer, Dermatologist UMC Amsterdam, location AMC



Laser TrEAtment Dermatology Registry

On behalf of the LEAD research team, we are pleased to inform you about the European Laser Treatment Dermatology (LEAD) registry.

The research project

LEAD stands for The European Laser TrEAtment Dermatology (LEAD) registry. We  envision a platform that will connect the expertise of a large team of laser specialists, clinicians and researchers. This will mainly serve as a multicentre, prospective and observational registry with the focus on patients treated for any medical skin condition any type of laser. This initiative facilitates the evaluation of the safety and clinical effectiveness of treatments in a real world setting. Eventually, the registry will be used to list all laser treatments for common and uncommon medical indications.

What is the purpose of our study?
The aim of the study is to establish agreement on which generic outcomes should be measured and reported in the registry. We refer to these generic outcomes as a generic core domain set (COS). A generic COS constitutes an agreement as to what should be measured in the laser registry, for any medical skin condition and laser treatment.

Who is asked to participate in the study ?
Participants in the surveys include patients who have breadth of experiences with or awareness of skin disorders treated by lasers. Additionally, we are asking health professionals with expertise in the field of laser surgery, both in routine clinical practice and/or research. We will invite approximately 30-50 patients to complete the survey. Patients and professionals will have an equal say in the study, so your input is extremely important.

Delphi study
The Delphi method is a way to obtain agreement on a subject for people with different opinions and experiences. The technique requires that participants complete online surveys approximately 3 times between March and June 2019. We will ask you to rate the importance of the proposed selection of outcomes for a COS. Between surveys, information will be provided on the results of the previous survey to encourage agreement. The process ends when sufficient agreement is obtained.

Do I have to complete all of the surveys?
Yes. During the survey process, you may have the feeling that you are answering the same questions several times, but it is important that you consider the information provided and answer all questions carefully. Skipping questions or dropping out of the survey process may cause the results of this study to become useless.

What is the timeline for the project? 
Questionnaires will be administered to participants 3 times between March and June 2019. The deadline for completing each questionnaire will be set to 7-10 days.  

We are grateful for your contribution to advancing research in laser treatments.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at

Yours sincerely,

On behalf of the LEAD steering committee,

Frederike Fransen

Frederike Fransen, MD, PhD student  
Department of Dermatology
Locatie AMC | A0-132 | Meidelbergdreef 9 | 1105 AZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands  
T: +31 20 56 66162 |  E: |

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